2016-2017 Board of Education Members:
    • Christopher Chimento (term expires 2018)
    • Michael Donahue, Vice-President (term expires 2019)
    • Tara Bachner (term expires 2020)
    • Jamie Dorr (term expires 2020)
    • Joseph Garland, President, (term expires 2019)
    • Carol Ann Luccio, (term expires 2020)
    • Mike Petramale, (term expires 2018)
      Maureen Hanse , (term expires 2019)
    • Barton Wallace, (term expires 2018)
    Mrs. Judy Zoller
    Clerk of the Board
    (518) 731-1710

    Questions or comments to the Board can be emailed to :  Board Communication   
    It is the policy of the Board of Education that all members receive all correspondence  addressed to them as a group or individually.
    Please review this document in regards to addressing concerns: ADDRESSING CONCERNS