Staff Location Position Email Address
    Ames Colleen MS Teacher Aide / Assistant amesc@cacsd.org
    Ashby                Kathleen EJA Food Serviceashbyk@cacsd.org 
    Bateman Christopher HS Director of Food Services batemanc@cacsd.org
    Bathrick Oakley DW Cleaner bathricko@cacsd.org 
    Bayer Kate EJA Kindergarten bayerk@cacsd.org
    Bayzon Emily MS Librarian / Media Specialist bayzone@cacsd.org
    Bellnier Brent CE Head Custodian bellnier@cacsd.org 
    Bergman April MS Math 7 bergmana@cacsd.org
    Berlin Georgette DISTRICT WIDE Speech Pathologist berling@cacsd.org
    Besenfelder Eric HS Director of Facilities besenfeldere@cacsd.org
    Blair Charlotte EJA Cook blairc@cacsd.org 
    Borfitz Holly MS Food Service borfitzh@cacsd.org 
    Bradt Amanda MS SpED bradta@cacsd.org
    Breen Abigail HS HS Nurse breena@cacsd.org
    Briski Jan EJA EJA Nurse briskij@cacsd.org
    Brook Carolyn HS HS Librarian brookc@cacsd.org
    Brown Maria MS Grade 5 brownm@cacsd.org
    Bryan Donna HS English bryand@cacsd.org
    Caggiano Rose HS Teacher Aide / Assistant caggianor@cacsd.org
    Callahan Brandie CE SpED callahanb@cacsd.org
    Capeci Kristen EJA Grade 1 capecik@cacsd.org
    Capra Mary EJA Part Time Aide capram@cacsd.org
    Carino Christine HS Special Education carinoc@cacsd.org
    Carlson David HS Social Studies carlsond@cacsd.org
    Carter Stephanie   HS Food Service carters@cacsd.org 
    Carter       Theresa    HS Cook cartert@cacsd.org 
    Cashin Jacki HS PE cashinj@cacsd.org
    Castle Katie DISTRICT WIDE Director of Special Education castlek@cacsd.org
    Chamberlin Kelli MS Cafeteria Staff chamberlink@cacsd.org 
    Chiera Emily CE / MS SpED chierae@cacsd.org
    Chmielewski Erin MS / HS Foreign Language chmielewskie@cacsd.org
    Clouthier Janice CE SpED / RTI clouthierj@cacsd.org
    Clouthier Victoria CE SpED clouthierv@cacsd.org
    Cole Colleen DISTRICT OFFICE Secretary - District Office colec@cacsd.org
    Collar Amy CE Grade 1 collara@cacsd.org
    Collier Cate EJA Grade 4 collierc@cacsd.org
    Collins Lorna HS Special Education collinsl@cacsd.org
    Conte Nicole CE Grade 1 conten@cacsd.org
    Copletson Leslie DISTRICT OFFICE Assistant Superintendent of School Services coplestonl@cacsd.org
    Couser Amber CE Teacher Aide / Assistant cousera@cacsd.org
    Crawford Kyle HS Technology crawfordk@cacsd.org
    Cure Ann HS Building Secretary curea@cacsd.org
    Danz Jason HS Math danzj@cacsd.org
    Davis     Kimberly HS Food Service davisk@cacsd.org 
    Davidson Carrieann EJA RTI Provider K-4 davidsonc@cacsd.org
    Decker Amy HS Spanish deckera@cacsd.org
    Decker Karen MS Building Secretary deckerk@cacsd.org
    DeeringKatherine   CE Teacher Aide   deeringk@cacsd.org 
    Deluca Jason EJA Grade 3 delucaj@cacsd.org
    DeLuccy Annette CE TA deluccya@cacsd.org
    DeLuccy Shawn EJA Head Custodian deluccys@cacsd.org 
    DeRose Jennifer HS Science derosej@cacsd.org
    Dial Bob HS English dialb@cacsd.org
    DiStefano Caroline CE RTI/Coach distefanoc@cacsd.org
    Dombroski Tina MS MS Nurse dombroskit@cacsd.org
    Donahue Mary CE TA donahuem@cacsd.org
    Donlon Erin CE Kindergarten donlone@cacsd.org
    Durant Melissa CE Grade 4 durantm@cacsd.org
    Dusharm Darren EJA Grade 4 dusharmd@cacsd.org
    Dyer Alyssa HS Special Education dyera@cacsd.org
    Edwards Michele MS / HS Chorus edwardsm@cacsd.org
    Elbert Anne CE RTI elberta@cacsd.org
    Essex Dawn HS Counselor - grades 10-12 (A-K) essexd@cacsd.org
    Evers Robin EJA RtI Provider K-4 eversr@cacsd.org
    Faller Becky CE Grade 4 fallerb@cacsd.org
    Favicchio Jennifer MS ELA 6 favicchioj@cacsd.org
    Favicchio Michael MS Math 6 favicchiom@cacsd.org
    Feldle Kathleen EJA Grade 2 feldlek@cacsd.org
    Ferenczy William MS Math AIS ferenczyw@cacsd.org
    Ferraro Jacqueline MS Special Education 5 / 6 ferraroj@cacsd.org
    Fiato Laura MS Grade 5 fiatol@cacsd.org
    Finneran Mary HS Art finneranm@cacsd.org
    Francese Jennifer EJA Teacher Aide / Assistant francesej@cacsd.org
    Frisbee    Katelyn DW Nurse frisbeek@cacsd.org 
    Futia Elisa EJA Grade 2 futiae@cacsd.org
    Godbout Cindy DISTRICT WIDE Physical Therapist godboutc@cacsd.org
    Gokey Kara CE / HS Student Counselor - CE / HS gokeyk@cacsd.org
    Grassi-Edwards Lori MS Special Education grassil@cacsd.org
    Greenaway Keri CE Music greenawayk@cacsd.org
    Griffiths     Karen CE Food Service griffithsk@cacsd.org 
    Guile Thomas HS Science guilet@cacsd.org
    Hanse Kathleen HS Teacher Aide / Assistant hansek@cacsd.org
    Hazelton Christie CE  LTS - Elementary hazeltonc@cacsd.org
    Heinzinger Catherine HS Teacher Aide / Assistant heinzingerc@cacsd.org
    HellenHelen CE Teacher Aide hellenh@cacsd.org 
    Hendricks Tammy MS Teacher Aide / Assistant hendrickst@cacsd.org
    Herwick Charles MS Social Studies 6 herwickc@cacsd.org
    Hoglund Jean EJA SpEd hoglundj@cacsd.org
    Hopkins Stacey HS Teaching Assistant hopkinss@cacsd.org 
    Hopson Rhonda CE Attendance Clerk hopsonr@cacsd.org
    Horaczek Sarah DISTRICT WIDE Technology Services horaczeks@cacsd.org
    Houghtaling Maureen CE RTI houghtalingm@cacsd.org
    Houlihan Kerry DISTRICT OFFICE Assistant Superintendent of Instructional Services houlihank@cacsd.org
    Hovelmann Lori CE Skills hovelmannl@cacsd
    Hudson Martin HS Science hudsonm@cacsd.org
    Hughes Gregory MS Social Studies 7 / 8 hughesg@cacsd.org
    Hulslander John Paul MS Physical Education hulslanderj@cacsd.org
    Jackson Bryan MS Teacher Aide jacksonb@cacsd.org 
    Kardum Diana HS Teacher Aide / Assistant kardumd@cacsd.org
    Katchman Kathleen MS Grade 5 katchmank@cacsd.org
    Kealy Michael DISTRICT WIDE Director of Technology Services kealym@cacsd.org
    Kearney Elizabeth MS / HS English kearneye@cacsd.org
    Kelly Stacey MS Special Education 6 / 7 kellys@cacsd.org
    Kenny Donna MS Secretary - Counseling Office kennyd@cacsd.org
    Kent Earl MS General Music / Chorus kente@cacsd.org
    Kniffen Cindy CE Food Service kniffenc@cacsd.org 
    Knight-Morse Christina MS Food Service knightmorsec@cacsd.org 
    Kowalski Steve HS Band kowalskis@cacsd.org
    Krajeski Pam MS ELA 7 krajeskip@cacsd.org
    Lackie Elisha CE CE Nurse lackiee@cacsd.org
    Lagas Debra EJA Attendance Clerk lagasd@cacsd.org
    Laveroni Bryana CE PE laveronib@cacsd.org
    Lenney Kelsey CE Teacher Aide / Assistant lenneyk@cacsd.org
    Lezatte Jennifer MS Teacher Aide / Assistant lezattej@cacsd.org
    Longden Caitlin MS Teacher Aide / Assistant longdenc@cacsd.org
    Loughran Anthony HS Science loughrana@cacsd.org
    Loughran Diane MS Teacher Aide / Assistant loughrand@cacsd.org
    Lydon Lisa MS ELA 6 lydonl@cacsd.org
    Mabee Maggie CE PT Aide mabeem@cacsd.org
    Madden Jennifer DISTRICT OFFICE Tax Collector maddenj@cacsd.org
    Magee     Ray MS Science mageer@cacsd.org 
    Mahoney Kate CE TA mahoneyk@cacasd.org
    Martin Rosemary HS Teacher Aide / Assistant martinr@cacsd.org
    Martino James EJA Principal martinoj@cacsd.org
    Mathes Sheryl DISTRICT OFFICE Secretary - District Office mathess@cacsd.org
    Matson Anne CE Grade 3 matsona@cacsd.org
    McDonald Don HS PE mcdonaldd@cacsd.org
    McNeil Lisa HS Math mcneill@cacsd.org
    Mergendahl Darlene EJA Teacher Assistant Library mergendahld@cacsd.org
    Merlino Mitzi EJA Teacher Aide / Assistant merlinom@cacsd.org
    Miller Karen CE Principal millerk@cacsd.org
    Miller    Rebecca CE Teaching Assistant millerr@cacsd.org 
    Misevcis Sandy HS Teacher Aid misevciss@cacsd.org 
    Morris Lori MS Art morrisl@cacsd.org
    Mozzillo Lucille EJA Music mozzillol@cacsd.org
    Mueller Dawn CE / EJA Art muellerd@cacsd.org
    Multari Vincent HS Teacher Aide / Assistant multariv@cacsd.org
    Nash Matthew HS Teacher Aide nasht@cacsd.org 
    Nash Terence HS Athletic Director nasht@cacsd.org
    Novak Stacey CE Special Ed novaks@cacsd.org 
    Nugent Theodore CE Director of Transportation Services / Registrar nugentt@cacsd.org
    Oathout Mike MS Custodial Staff oathougm@cacsd.org 
    Oles Kristine MS Grade 5 olesk@cacsd.org
    Olstad Martin HS Art olstadm@cacsd.org
    Pacuk Desiree EJA Grade 4 pacukd@cacsd.org
    Palmer Ryan HS Math palmerr@cacsd.org
    Palmer Sandra CE RTI palmers@cacsd.org
    Patterson Amber CE Grade 2 pattersona@cacsd.org
    Patterson Kim DISTRICT WIDE Occupational Therapist pattersonk@cacsd.org
    Peluso Anna MS English 5 / 8 pelusoa@cacsd.org
    Perlee David HS Social Studies perleed@cacsd.org
    Peterson Jade MS Cafeteria Staff
    Piccolo Rita EJA Building Secretary piccolor@cacsd.org
    Pieruzzi Tiffany CE Kindergarten pieruzzit@cacsd.org
    Pietrofesa Rocco MS / HS Technology pietrodesar@cacsd.org
    Poetzsch Michael EJA Physical Education poetzschm@cacsd.org
    Pray Jessica MS / HS Counselor - Grade 8 / 9 prayj@cacsd.org
    Pray Joshua MS / HS Yearbook prayjo@cacsd.org
    Proper Alicia HS Teacher Aide / Assistant properal@cacsd.org
    Proper Angie CE TA propera@cacsd.org
    Proper David MS Principal properd@cacsd.org
    Pugliese William DISTRICT WIDE ESL Services pugliesew@cacsd.org
    Quesnell Caitlin MS SpED quesnellc@cacsd.org
    Quiles Heath HS Principal quilesh@cacsd.org
    Randazzo Lynn CE Teacher Aide / Assistant randazzol@cacsd.org
    Rausch Jennifer CE Grade 4 rauschj@cacsd.org
    Riccardo Colleen HS Math riccardoc@cacsd.org
    Richards Benjamin MS Band richardsb@cacsd.org
    Roberg Heather HS English robergh@cacsd.org
    Roberg Kirsten MS Grade 5 robergk@cacsd.org
    Roberg Leif HS Social Studies robergl@cacsd.org
    Roberts       Kyle MS Cleaner robertsk@cacas.org 
    Rodriquez Eugene MS Teacher Aide / Assistant rodriqueze@cacsd.org
    Romito Marianne DISTRICT OFFICE District Treasurer romitom@cacsd.org
    Russo Agenta CE Teaching Assistant russoa@cacsd.org 
    Salisbury Lianne MS Teacher Aide / Assistant salisburyl@cacsd.org
    Schmidt Margaret EJA Teacher Aide / Assistant schmidtm@cacsd.org
    Schug Denise EJA Teacher Aide / Assistant schugd@cacsd.org
    Schultz Sharon MS Counselor - grades 5-7 schultzs@cacsd.org
    Seebode Richard MS / HS Special Education Math 7 / 8 seeboder@cacsd.org
    Seekamp Jennifer MS Science 6 seekampj@cacsd.org
    Seekamp Matthew HS English seekampm@cacsd.org
    Shauger Laura CE TA shaugerl@cacsd.org
    Siciliano Peter HS Business sicilianop@cacsd.org
    SmithAmy HS ASL smitha@cacsd.org 
    Smith Joy DW Social Worker smithj@cacsd.org 
    Smith Rosa MS Teacher Aide / Assistant smithr@cacsd.org
    Soldner Linda MS Math 8 soldnerl@cacsd.org
    Spataro Barbara CE Library spatarob@cacsd.org
    Speed Kayla MS Cafeteria Staff speedk@cacsd.org 
    Squier Randall DISTRICT OFFICE Superintendent of Schools squierr@cacsd.org
    Strenka Roberta EJA Grade 2 strenkar@cacsd.org
    Sunkes Christine CE Grade 1 sunkesc@cacsd.org
    Swanson Diana DW Occupational Therapist swansond@cacsd.org
    Swart Edward HS Head Custodian     swarte@cacsd.org 
    Tadjbakhsh Susann MS / HS Home & Careers tadjbakhshs@cacsd.org
    Tator Deborah MS Social Studies 7 tatord@cacsd.org
    Tergeoglou Jennifer MS Teacher Aide tergeoglouj@cacsd.org 
    Tingley Jamie DISTRICT WIDE Psychologist tingleyj@cacsd.org
    Tompkins Diane HS Teacher Aide / Assistant tompkinsd@cacsd.org
    Ublacker Patricia DISTRICT WIDE Speech Pathologist ublackerp@cacsd.org
    Ulion Kelly MS Science / Social Studies 7 ulionk@cacsd.org
    VanKuren Zadock HS Custodian vankurenz@cacsd.org 
    VanWie Irene HS Cleaner vanwiei@cacsd.org 
    Viscusi Annalise DW Occupational Therapist viscusia@cacsd.org
    Vizzie Kristin CE Grade 3 vizziek@cacsd.org
    Volpe Kenneth MS / HS Health volpek@cacsd.org
    Wager Andrew MS Technology wagera@cacsd.org
    Wagner      David HS Custodian wagnerd@cacsd.org 
    Warden      Suzette CE Cook wardens@cacsd.org 
    Watson Tracy HS Social Studies watsont@cacsd.org
    Weinstein Jennifer HS Secretary - Counseling Office weinsteinj@cacsd.org
    Weinstein Seth MS Custodial Staff weinsteins@cacsd.org 
    Westervelt Virginia EJA Rti Provider K-4 westerveltv@cacsd.org
    Westfall Tara EJA Kindergarten westfallt@cacsd.org
    Whately Steve MS Custodial Staff - Head Custodian whatleys@cacsd.org
    Whitford Justina CE Grade 3 whitfordj@cacsd.org
    Whiting Michelle EJA Graed 1 whitingm@cacsd.org
    Wildey Brenda HS Teacher Aide / Assistant wildeyb@cacsd.org
    Wilkinson Curtis MS Physical Education wilkinsonc@cacsd.org
    Winans Anna MS Teacher Aide / Assistant winansa@cacsd.org
    Winn Jessica CE Elementary  winnj@cacsd.org
    Wixon Shelia MS Cafeteria Staff wixons@cacsd.org 
    Wolfson Jacqueline CE Grade 2 wolfsonj@cacsd.org
    Wright Jennifer MS Science 8 wrightj@cacsd.org
    Wyant Tammy HS Secretary - Special Education wyantt@cacsd.org
    Yannone MaryEllen HS Teacher Aide / Assistant yannonem@cacsd.org
    Yost Joanne EJA Grade 3 yostj@cacsd.org
    Yost Kathleen CE Building Secretary yostk@cacsd.org
    Zanchelli Cathy CE Teacher Aide / Assistant zanchellic@cacsd.org
    Zebrowski Matthew MS / HS Assistant Principal MS / HS zebrowskim@cacsd.org
    Zoller Judy DISTRICT OFFICE Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent of Schools zollerj@cacsd.org
    Zumbolo Angela HS Counselor - grades 10-12 (L-Z) zumboloa@cacsd.org