Great Website Links


A math site we use quite often.  It is great math practice.  Each student has a login and password that they should already know.

Big Universe

We will be using this site all year long as part of our reading program.  Each child has there own username and password.  They will have their information by the middle of September and should be able to log on by themselves.  This is a great site to be used at home too.  All you need is an internet connection and they have access to thousands of high interest books.  They can add books to their bookshelf to be read later.  I have access to all their accounts and will be putting on assignments for them to complete in school.   

There is also an app for iPads that gives them full access to their assignments and bookshelves as well as all the books in the big universe library

Your child learns - Geography

National Geographic Explorer

Fun multiplication games

Fact Monster

Think Central

This is our math series website.  I often have assignments for the students to complete. 

Their log in is

first initial, last name

password - apple


Links to all sorts of games and sites we use at school.  Lots of great stuff.


We use this site a lot.  Great practice for math facts.  I can set exactly what facts I want each student to work on.  I usually have a challenge or competition running at all times during the year.  Students need to know their log in and password.  Contact me if you are having trouble accessing your account.

Boston Celtics home page

The official site of the Boston Celtics - need I say more?

New York Giants

The officail website of the New York Giants.  You're going to want to spend some serious time on this site.