Our Biome Reports

The following links will be used for a research project we will be doing at the end of the year.  The project may look different this year than previous years so this page may be changing.

Biome Scoring Rubric- This is a breakdown of exactly what needs to be included in your report and how much of the overall grade each section is worth.

Biome Report Outline- This is the outline they will be using to collect the information needed in the report.  They will be using this outline to write their first drafts.

Oceans - Any student choosing to research the oceans must use this sheet in their outline instead of the climate page of the biome report outline above.  Because ocean climate does not really apply this page has extra information they will need to have. 

Tiaga Example Report- Here is an example of what a finished product might look like.  I have included all the parts that someone reporting on the tiaga might have included as well as some tips to follow for the writing. 

Biome Parent Letter - This is the letter that went home on May 1.

Student Checklist- Use this checklist before the report is submitted to make sure you have fulfilled 100% of the requirements.  You do not need to hand it in.   

www.portaportal.com - This is a website I have set up as a place each student can go to find child friendly sites to get information.    There is a lot of useful information on my page.  We will be doing this primarily in class but please visit it often at home and keep reading for backround information.