Practice at Home

Practice at home is essential. Kindergartners and first graders need many opportunities to practice the new skills and concepts they are learning at school. Practice builds fluency and confidence. At home practice can be fun if practice sessions are kept short and game-like. This page of my website will be used to house ideas and games for working with your child at home. Click on the blue links below to read and print the activities.

Shoo!  This is a letter identification game. If you print the cards on card stock, they will be more durable. Walmart sells packages of white card stock fairly inexpensively. The directions for the game are on the last page of the document. For an additional challenge, ask your child to name the letter s/he draws and give its sound or a word that begins with that letter.

Race to Trace This game is a great way to practice number recognition and number writing. Print out a game board for each player. You will need also need a die.

Yahtzee Yahtzee is a game we have been playing during Math Work Stations. You will need to print out the game board, which is attached, and find two dice. This game encourages counting on and addition. Check  it out!

One More  This game is a great way to practice the concept of one more, or plus one. All you need is a die, 2 different color crayons, and the One More game mat which is linked under the words "One More." The children enjoy playing this at school and are becoming strategic about which squares to choose.