Weekly Letter Box

Here is the first website letter box challenge of the year

I will post a new letter box every week that you and your child can work on at home for fun.

Here is this week's letter box. If you can find 20+ words bring me your list by Friday for a treasure chest slip. Have fun.


Letter boxes are played similar to Boggle. Find as many words as you can by using the letters in the boxes. Only adjacent letters can be put together (no hopping over letters). Any letter can be doubled. A box with two letters can be split and either letter used.

Make it a timed game and compete against your parents or siblings for extra fun.

Challenge - Find 15 words - congratulations you've passed first grade.

Super challenge - Find 20 words - congratulations you've passed second grade. Come collect your treasure chest slip and mucho respect from you teacher.

Incredible Super-Duper challenge - Find 25+ words - congratulations you're well on your way to fourth grade!!

t p b

e a    j

u   r s/h