The district vote to centralize was on June 30th, 1947. The vote brought together 16 separate districts.   The vote was 458 in favor, 203 opposed.  The first board of education, elected that night in an open meeting(who ever was present voted) were:

  • Judson Wright, Robert Moore, Casper J. Van Loan, Rodney Miller, William White, Russell Sutton, John Satterlee, James Warren, Edward E. Brady

  • Salaries for teachers(50) was between $1900-$2500.  Elementary teachers made less.  The principals were paid $5,000 and $3,200.  There were about 1070 pupils enrolled.

  • In 1946 during the study phase it was contemplated that there would be a K-6 school in Athens and a K-12 school in Coxsackie.  Also at that time New Baltimore was part of proposed school name.

  • They put off building a new centralized school due to high post-war costs.

  • There were 9 bus routes covering 310 miles and 343 passengers

  • Budget for first year = $255,525!

  • The vote for a new school took place on March 22nd, 1950. It  was divided into 3 propositions.  #1 was a vote to build a school, #2 was to build it in Coxsackie;  #3 was to build at an area near Four mile point; and there was also #4 for renovations to one of the Athens schools.   

    • Prop #1: 1357 yes, 844 no—not enough to pass-state law then required a large super majority vote.

    • Prop #2: 1278 yes, 863 no

    • Prop #3: 494 yes, 1537 no

    • Prop #4: 790 yes, 1408 no

  • A new vote was taken in April 1950:

    • Prop #1 to build new school in Coxsackie passed 1346 to 914(not enough to pass)

    • Prop #2 to put addition on Athens school passed 1206 to 1000

    • A cooling off period was suggested;

  • A third vote was taken on August 22nd, 1950. It was rejected 861 no votes to 760 yes votes.

  • At this time lawsuits and letters to the editor denouncing the BOE became a monthly occurance on BOE minutes. The lawsuits lasted until late 1951.

  • A community committee was formed to advise the BOE on a new school building. Franklin Clark led the committee.  In March 1951 a recommendation was made to build a Jr/Sr high school on the "Klima property" in Coxsackie with an additional wing of 9 rooms for grades 4-6.  Also to add a gymnasium and auditorium in the Athens School which would house grades K-6.  The Coxsackie school would house grades K-3. 

  • Voters passed a resolution to build a new Jr/Sr High School 1203 yes to 580 no votes on June 6th, 1951.  The cost of construction, and renovations not to exceed $1,770,000. 

  • As of June 1954 the new school had not yet been occupied as bids came in high, workers went out on strike and heating and sewer connections were delayed.   

    • to be continued....

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