Coxsackie- Athens Central School District's

3 Year Technology Plan


Technology Goal:

Coxsackie-Athens will continue to develop an infrastructure which enables staff and students to thrive in a 21st century environment

Mission Statement:

Ensure the success of all students by fostering critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity that is enhanced through the utilization of technology. 



 Coxsackie-Athens School District is Committed to…

1.        Providing appropriate technology resources and opportunities to incorporate technology in the curriculum in order to enhance            student learning and prepare students for global citizenship.

2.       Providing equitable access to technology.

3.       Differentiating instruction to accommodate the diverse learning styles of our students

4.       Providing professional development

5.       Integrating technology into all curriculum areas in accordance with the Common Core and the National Educational          Technology Standards.

6.       Investing in technology in order to ensure the ongoing development of 21st century skills

7.       Utilizing technologies to analyze data that informs our instructional practices

 Updates for 2016-2018