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2 Great FREE Apps!  One helps with tracking your daily food intake and the other tracks your mileage during a workout!

My Fitness Pal: you can log all your meals/snacks for the day. This app keeps track of your calories and macronutrients. You can customize your nutrition goals and monitor them on a daily basis!

Map My Walk: this tracks your mileage for any given workout. Also, it gives you duration of a workout and the route you've ran/walked/bike

Both of these apps are great tools that can assist you in your efforts to live a healthier life, especially during this adverse time in the world. Make your health a priority, use nutrition and fitness to help keep you busy to provide you with the strength to overcome these challenging times that we are currently enduring. We will come out of this stronger! 

Keep Moving and Improve Your Health:

  • Running – Guide article for beginners

  • Running App for beginners – Couch to 5K – Run Training

  • Yoga – For runners and alike

  • Strength workouts help you stay resilient. Out of our New York Office, one of the best recommended workouts is – Atletica and Power Strike from Ilaria. The Wall Street Journal called her a “leading force” in the fitness world, and New York magazine labeled her one of the city’s top fitness gurus. She has multiple workouts available online. Here is a bodyweight one - Simple Full Body Strength Training Workout (no equipment). You can do her workouts with light weights as well.

  • And last but not least, the list of online dance classes  is available to you as well.

  • This site provides links to many online health and fitness resources: Healthy Link

  • Click here to find some great home workouts: Home Workouts

  • How to read a nutrition label: Nutrition Label


Keeping You Inspired:

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