5th & 6th Grade Students of the Quarter

Middle School Students of the Quarter for Quarter 1

Grade 5

Mrs. Faller and Mrs. Fiato are proud to nominate Liam Meagher as Student of the Quarter.   Liam is a conscientious worker who makes insightful contributions to reading discussions. He especially loves extra challenges in Math!   Liam is always willing to help his classmates and is a role model for others.  He is an asset to our classroom community.  We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Liam this year.  Congratulations, Liam! 

Mrs. Sunkes, Ms. Civill, Mrs. Ferraro & Ms. Rose would like to congratulate Hudson Meier as Student of the Quarter.  Hudson is a conscientious student that loves to learn and comes to school every day with a smile on her face.  Hudson is a self-directed leader, a good communicator and a creative thinker that serves as a role model for all of her peers. Whether it be about the content of a lesson or just being a good friend, Hudson is always checking in with her peers. Congratulations Hudson!

Kaden Patterson came to school ready to take on the challenges of Middle School Life. The word "TRY" is in his vocabulary in capital letters. He doesn't  give up and is a wonderful example of a Positive Growth Mindset. Ms. Collier and Ms. Brown are proud of Kaden’s work! Congratulations!

Grade 6

The 6th grade team has selected Alex Agovino as Student of the Quarter for the first marking period. Alex comes to school each day with a positive attitude and a willingness to help others. He takes his learning seriously, and manages to have fun and bring joy to others at the same time. We are happy to recognize Alex for his friendly personality, positive attitude, and strong work ethic. Keep up the great work, Alex!

Samantha Hagen is a  6th grade student who not only displays an amazing work ethic and excels in her studies, but has an amazingly positive attitude and is a joy to be around.  Samantha is an inquisitive student and enjoys asking thoughtful questions and participating in class discussions.  Samantha is constantly modeling the values of kindness and respect to everyone around her.  Thank you Samantha for bringing your positive energy to our classrooms each day!

Grade 7

The 7th grade team nominates Onix Agosto-Collazo as Student of the first Quarter.  Onix is a hardworking student who always gives a 110% effort. He likes to participate in class. He always tries his hardest and comes in for extra support when he finds the work to be extra challenging.  He is kind to his classmates and is willing to help others.  It is for these reasons we nominate Onix for Student of the Quarter.

The 7th grade team overwhelmingly voted for Elizabeth Rodgers as a Student of the Quarter. 

Elizabeth is a thoughtful, considerate and well-liked student. She works very hard to complete her work and always asks questions or seeks extra help if there are concepts she does not understand.   Elizabeth is always willing to assist and peer-tutor other students when asked. She does this teaching with great patience and clarity. She sets a good example for others to follow and aids in creating a positive atmosphere for learning. 

Grade 8

Meloney Komaromi has been overwhelmingly selected by the 8th grade team, as student of the first quarter.  Meloney is a hardworking dedicated student who is focused on her goals and responsibilities.  The work ethic that Meloney displays is a model for all students in her class.  Meloney's cheerful and friendly personality makes her a pleasure to teach.  We are all very proud of Meloney's outstanding start to her last year in the middle school.  

The 8th grade team is proud to have chosen Keegan Hazelton for Student of the Quarter.  Keegan is a hard working and responsible student.  He made High Honor roll this quarter and continues to put forth excellent effort.  He is willing to help his peers and does so with a smile!  Way to go Keegan!