August 20, 2020

Symtoms of COVID Chart Comparison with other common illness

August 19,2020

DOH guidance on quarantines

Presentation Slides from 8/17/2020 & 8/18/2020

Video of presentation held on 8/17

Video of presentation held on 8/18

August 14, 2020

Community presentations hosted on 8/13/2020

Video for presentation elementary

Video for presentation middle

Video for presentation high school

Presentation Slides from 8/13/2020



August 13, 2020

Below are supplemental guidance for families and employees. 




July 22,2020

July 21, 2020

 July 20, 2020

Components of Transition and Transformation Plan

Survey Results

July 17, 2020

Conversations regarding transition back to school this fall will occur next week.

  • Monday the conversation will be about remote learning options for 2020-21

  • Tuesday the conversation will be about in school learning options for 2020-21

  • Wednesday the conversation will be about health, safety and operations.

Links to the Google Meets are below:

REMOTE LEARNING OPTIONS: Monday July 20, 6:00pm -7:00pm 

Meeting ID

Break out room



IN SCHOOL OPTIONS: Tuesday July 21, 6:00pm-7:00pm

Meeting ID


OPERATIONS, HEALTH & SAFETY: Wednesday July 22, 7:00pm-8:00pm

Meeting ID

 Specific agendas will be posted by noon Monday. 

 July 15,2020

July 14, 2020

July 8, 2020

Columbia-Greene CC Re opening plan

June 30,  2020

June 19, 2020

June 18,2020

Communications & Digital Tools Taskforce Thought Exchange 

June 17, 2020

Learning Task Force Agend and notes

June 11,2020

Communications TF Padlet Though Exchange : Let's get specific: What are the exact tech skills we need to build for parents?-What are the benefits of using Google Classroom K-12 as an instructional platform?-How do we get UPDATED contact information from PARENTS/GUARDIANS in a timely manner?

June 10, 2020

Learning Task Force Agenda

June 9, 2020

Operations Task Force Agenda

June 9, 2020

These documents can provide us some early glimpes of what guidance schools may receive for the fall. 

June 8, 2020

Wellness and Wellbeing Meeting Items

June 7,2020

Since NYS has yet to provide schools any guidance, here are some samples from other parts of the U.S. 

June 4, 2020

Communications Task Force Thought Exchange Padlet

June 3,2020

rLearning Task Force Agenda

rLearning Task Force Padlet THought Exchange

June 2, 2020

Thought Exchange Padlet from today's OPERATIONS, HEALTH & SAFETY meeting. Please share ideas for transportation, food service, facility alterations and cleaning.

June 2, 2020

What K-12 "Return to Learn" plans are getting wrong; EAB report  This slide deck from a recent webinar can generate ideas for rLearning and return to school house learning.

Op-Ed: As We Think About Reopening Schools in the Fall, 91 Questions to Start With


June 1, 2020

 Wellness Task force Agenda June 1 that includes this week's Padlet Thought Exchange

May 31, 2020

Click below to view the analytics for each survey.

May 30,2020

Opening Day Task forces slide decks and Thought Exchange Padlets:  These links will take you to the slide decks for each meeting. The slide decks have the URL's for the Padlets

 May 26, 2020

The purpose of the task forces is to gather ideas, perceptions, and through exchanges of thoughts and ideas provide direction for the administrative team to develop a comprehensive plan for transition and transformation of learning. The task forces are open to all members of the C-A school community. 



 Click here for: C-A COVID PLANNING GUIDE 


What school will look like in the fall is on everyone’s mind. The events since March have created an opportunity for schools across the nation to evaluate how school was done before and how learning will occur in the future.

We will begin to finalize plans for our transition and transformation next week. Each of the four task forces broken into four broad themes will create guidance documents that will be synthesized later this spring. This guidance document is a framework that will change with each new question and as events unfold in our world. Planning is useful as is knowing these plans may be obsolete tomorrow, next month or next year.

We will plan under four large themes:

  1. Operations, Safety and Training

  2. Learning

  3. Wellness and Well Being

  4. Communication

Each of these themes is inclusive of adults and students and will have many smaller parts to consider.

We will plan with these guiding ideas:

  1. There is no back to normal.

  2. Every idea will be considered.

  3. Unfolding events could make good ideas obsolete.

  4. Be ready to change and for change.

  5. We will be better than we are now and were.

  6. All facets of how we do things will be reviewed.

  7. It is not just the fall we are planning for but the future; our students’ future. 

EACH task force will begin with this C-A COVID PLANNING GUIDE as a starting point for conversations. We anticipate this guide will grow as questions emerge. We know there is no shortage of guidance documents from national and state wide organizations. 


The following dates and times the district will be hosting live interactive conversations regarding our reopening plans: