2022-2023 Board of Education Members:

  • Tara Bachner, (term expires 2023)

  • Nicole Canning, (term expires 2025)

  • Michael Donahue, President (term expires 2025)

  • Jamie Dorr, Vice President (term expires 2023)

  • Kyle Garland, (term expires 2024)

  • Ina Guilzon, (term expires 2023)

  • David Taylor, (term expires 2024)

  • Barton Wallace, (term expires 2024)

  • Shelly West, (term expires 2025)


Mrs. Elizabeth Liberti
Deputy Clerk of the Board 
(518) 731-1710


Questions or comments to the Board can be emailed to the District Clerk:  boardofeducation@cacsd.org


It is the policy of the Board of Education that all members receive all correspondence as part of their monthly BOE meeting agenda materials. This is correspondence addressed to them as a group or individually. Anonymous correspondence are discouraged. Correspondence will be acknowledged at the next regular meeting after the correspondence is received. If follow-up is required that will occur and acknowledged in the following agenda under, "follow-up from previous meeting." 


Please review this document in regards to addressing concerns prior to contacting the Board of Education: ADDRESSING CONCERNS