Board of Education

The Coxsackie-Athens Central School District is governed by a nine member Board of Education.
Each member is elected to a three-year term, with three seats considered at each annual election.

Board meetings are held the third Thursday of each month at 6:30 pm, Presentation meetings begin at 6 pm.  Meetings rotate among our buildings according to the following schedule:

  • October, December,  April - E. J. Arthur Elementary School, Athens

  • All other meetings are held in the High School Library, Coxsackie

Coxsackie-Athens is a school district that encourages public participation. We welcome residents to our Board of Education meetings and provide opportunities for public input as part of the regular meeting agenda. Furthermore, we believe that the school community needs to play an important part in the decision-making processes of the district and are working to facilitate that participation in various ways.

Addressing Concerns : If you have a question or concern use this chart to help you contact the correct person who can help you. 

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BOE Handbook 


Board Goals:

Our Board of Education has established goals that align with its core responsibilities of monitoring and communicating student academic progress and providing the resources necessary for student success after receiving community input.  

Board of Education Commitments

 1.     The BOE monitors the progress towards achieving the district's three-year goals and buildings’ annual targets indicated by quarterly public discussion of the data provided by district staff.

 2.     The BOE develops a budget that optimizes resources to support the mission, vision and goals of the district and will promote that budget to the broader community to assure passage.

 3.     The BOE engages collaboratively and respectfully with our families and all partners indicated by the sustained family involvement and community support of district goals and budgets

  4.     The BOE promotes effective governance by educating prospective members and committing to ongoing capacity building for each member.

 5.     The BOE fosters respect and pride by promoting expanded opportunities to formally and informally recognize members of the school community.