Below are links to resources and documents pertaining to earning college credit in high school.  At the bottom are notes from two public forums on this topic.

Why take AP:

Are AP courses worth it?

Rethinking A.P.

AP Results 2013 

Rigor and Relevance 


Early College  

Early College publications:

 Local district program:           



  Research on EC:               




Potential Partners:




2013 14 CGCC course offerings at C-A


Forum 1 Ideas:

  • communicate offerings to all students and parents and cost benefit beginning earlier in HS career--website,

  • Design 3-4-5 year plans with students and parents--design pathways brochures to help communicate

  • Annual check pointpoint meetings with student/parent and C-A advisor (counselor, teachers, etc)


 Forum 2 Ideas:

  1. Increase awareness and expectations that all students could be successful in college level course work.

  2. Communicate the financial benefits of registering and paying for courses offered through agreements with colleges. Tuition costs may be a struggle for many of our families.

  3. Improve scores on advanced placement exams. 

Recommendations from Forums:

  1. Provide exposure to career fields and education pathways earlier in students’ schooling. Communicate to each student through actions that the expectation is they will pursue post-secondary education.

  1. Communicate often to parents about college credit offerings.

  1. There was consensus that local college courses taken at C-A showed more promise than AP.  For students wanting to earn college credit prior to graduation; the A.P. exam success rate would make parents ponder whether that would be the best choice.