In  the Coxsackie-Athens Central School District, we are committed to providing a wide variety of supports and services to help students aspire to and make progress towards our mission of developing self-directed college and career ready students who are prepared to succeed in our global society. This involves the development of a broad range of knowledge, skills and dispositions that will allow students to be informed consumers and creators of their post-secondary education and training and also effectively navigate the world's of higher education and employment at a time that is right for them. To be LIFE READY.

To that end the C-A school district is using a number of research and or best practice indicators that have been proven to lead to higher levels of post-secondary success to track student progress, as well as the performance of the District as a whole. It is our shared objective to help students explore a wide variety of opportunities. that support their personal, academic, social and career goals. This requires that we measure their progress in a manner that is as unique as they are.  All students should graduate confident that their knowledge, skills, and dispositions are sufficient to pursue the personal, academic, social and career goals that they set for themselves. We all learn in a variety of ways. Students should be able to demonstrate readiness in a variety of ways.

The 4CS personal dispositions in more detail








During the 2019-20 school year We defined readiness indicators for K-8 for September 2020 roll-out. Also, we updated our commencement readiness indicators and benchmarks for June 2020. For the original commencement indicators scroll down to January 2019

READINESS INDICATORS K-12 BOOKLET 2020 : This booklet gives a detailed summary of readiness indicators for elementary, middle and commencement levels. This booklet also includes an appendix with research behind the indicators.

Physical Education Dispositions and Skills: These will appear on report cards in September 2020.

Physical Education Dispositions and Skills Rubric

Information Literacy Dispositions based on the Empire State Information Fluency Continuum: These will appear on K-4 report cards in September 2020

Information Literacy Dispositions and Attributes Rubrics

Life Ready Personal Dispositions: These five dispositions, 4CS, will be on all report cards K-12 beginning in September 2020. 

 Elementary Personal Dispositions Rubric  

Secondary Personal Dispositions Rubric

Timeline as of Feb. 2020 Next Steps for Personal Dispositions Roll-out


Readiness Guides for Commencement: January 2019

Commencement Readiness Indicators Booklet with Student Benchmarks for Success Dashboard January 2019



Redefining Ready Concept Proposal, 1/2017

Redefining Booklet, 2017 AASA

 Readiness Indicators Research; 2017, AASA District 214

C-A work Defining Readiness

CCL Ready Graduate, March 2018

CCL Ready Graduate; June 2018

Redefine Ready ; August 2018

Redefine Ready; Sept 2018

CCL Readiness Indicators for elementary, middle, commencement with Research; draft November 2018