Dignity Act Coordinators

As part of the legislation, every school must have a Dignity Act Coordinator (DAC). Our district has appointed the following representatives as DAC’s. Please, report incidents of alleged harassment and discrimination to them, or simply use the confidential Dignity Act reporting form link to the left:

Edward J. Arthur Elementary School-Mr. Jim Martino, Dignity Act Coordinator

Coxsackie Elementary School-Mrs. Karen Miller, Dignity Act Coordinator, Title IX Coordinator

Coxsackie-Athens Middle School- Dr. Freya Mercer, Dignity Act Coordinator

Coxsackie-Athens High School- Dr. Freya Mercer, Dignity Act Coordinator 

Please note, that the legislation includes provisions that specifically protect those who report suspected harassment and discrimination. The law states that no school district shall “take, request or cause a retaliatory action, against any such person, who is acting reasonably and in good faith, makes such a report (of harassment or discrimination) or initiates, testifies, participates, or assists in such formal or informal proceedings.” In short, those who make reports of suspected discrimination and/or harassment are completely protected under the law.