Welcome to the Coxsackie-Athens Central Schools staff recognition page! The purpose of this page is to highlight the achievements of our staff, as well as give you the parents, community members and district staff the ability to recognize the outstanding contributions made by our employees. We believe that recognition needs to be timely, authentic, and able to reach any staff member in the district.

This webpage allows you to recognize individuals or teams in two distinct ways. First, anyone in the district or community can send a quick “C-A Shout-Out” message to any district employee. These quick messages of "thanks" or "job well done," are sent to the employee and their supervisor the day they are received in Human Resources. 

The second form of recognition is titled, Indian Pride.  Individuals or groups can be nominated for an "Indian Pride" award.  Indian Pride awards are given for those who go above and beyond in contribution to the school.  It recognizes gifts of time, promotion, sponsorship of a school program or initiative.  All nominations go to Human Resources. Employees will be recognized in front of their peers at a building wide meeting or District Board meeting.

C-A Shout-Out


Indian Pride Award 

 A third form of recognition is the C-A Star Award

The LINKS  Committee is pleased to provide the opportunity to recognize the hard work, commitment and dedication of members of the Coxsackie – Athens school community with the creation of the C-A STAR AWARD. This award will be presented to C-A School District staff members who have had a significant and positive impact on students and the school community.  Individuals nominated should have made exceptional contributions to the district, reflective of the criteria listed.


• Regularly goes above and beyond the call of duty

• Consistently and positively impact students

• Consistently and positively impact the school community

• Have the respect and admiration of students and staff

• Exhibit professionalism

• Possesses a high level of integrity and trust



At C-A we value our employees! If you have had a positive experience with a C-A staff member that you feel deserves to be recognized, please let us know!