What is KICK?

Kids In Change Klub (KICK) is a peer support group for students designed to help them understand their feelings related to recent and significant changes in their lives.  These changes can include, but are not limited to: divorce, separation, remarriage, blending of families, death of a close relative, homelessness/relocations concerns, foster care placement and having a parent away in the military.  The changes should have taken place in the last three years.

The group provides an outlet for discussion and interpretation of the emotions that children experience with change and provides instruction on coping strategies. The goal of the group is to help children learn how to deal with those feelings in healthy and manageable ways. During this group, the children will also learn about maintaining the rights of others through confidentiality. 

Who facilitates the Klub?

The group is run by Mrs. Joy Smith at E.J. Arthur Elementary and Ms. Kara Gokey at Coxsackie Elementary.  We will be following the Children In Change curriculum developed by the Family and Children's Services. 


How often does the group meet?

The group will meet once a week during lunch/recess time for 10 consecutive weeks.  We will run a K.I.C.K program in the Fall and then again in the Spring.  Your child will be chosen for the most appropriate session based on evidence of recent and significant family changes. 


How do I sign my child up?

Mrs. Smith and Ms. Gokey have sent home the letters. They have been given to all students in both Elementary schools.  Talk with your child about the program.  If you decide together it is something that would be beneficial for him/her to be a part of the group, you sign, date and return the permission slip as soon as possible. 

Timeline for 2012-2013:

The first session has started and is in full swing.  If you missed the deadline, or think you migh want your child involved in the next session contact either Joy Smith at EJA or Kara Gokey at CE to work with them on getting you the permission slip and further information.

If your child did not bring one home or you lost one, please contact Mrs. Smith or Ms. Gokey to get a new one.  Please call if you have any questions or concerns:

Joy Smith, Elementary School Social Worker - 731-1757 at EJA

Kara Gokey, Elementary School Counselor - 731-1777 at CE