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January 2017

Design documents for Phase I of the project have been approved by the state education department. This phase includes all outside scope.


March 2017

Bids for phase I were accepted.  Documents for phase II are still waiting to be reviewed at SED.


April 2017

Work has commenced.  Site preparation is under way.  New storm water piping has been installed that will service the track and field area. This includes retention ponds to control the flow of water.  The track has been removed and ground up to be used for the access road along the tree line behind the tennis courts and baseball field.  This access road will allow construction vehicles to avoid the parking lots to access the track area.   Exterior brick pointing is happening at both campuses.  


MAY 2017

Rain, and more rain.  The month started out well as grading continued on the track and field area. Work continued on the retention ponds, drainage and grading.  


JUNE 2017

Irrigation systems have begun to be installed.  Conduit for stadium lighting is being laid as well.  The stadium lights arrived.  Students chose colors for the middle school plaza basketball court.  Phase II plans have begun to be reviewed by NYSED.  Because of the delay, work on building renovations will start in late summer at the earliest.   


September 2017

Summary of work 9 26 



November 2017

Phase I

Track & Field Area
• Installation of irrigation control panel is complete
• Line striping is complete
• Installation of pins (6) in field area is complete
• Grading around track area is complete
• Hydroseeding is complete
• Open Punch List Items
Parking Lot in front of High School/ Elementary School
• Open Punch List Items
E.J. Arthur
• Open Punch List Items
Recess Area
• Open Punch List Items


Phase II

Area “A”
• Selective electrical and mechanical demolition (RM. 187,185)
• Partial removal of wall/ceiling tiles. (RM. 187,185) (Cord. A2)
Area “B”
• ACT removal (Cord. B2,B3,D2)
• Disconnect/removal of unit ventilators (RM. 178,180)
• Ceiling Demo (RM. 178,180)
Area “C”
• ACT/gyp. Board ceiling demo/removal (Cord. C2,C3,C4,C5,C9)
• ACT demo/removal (RM. 134,135,136,137,139)
• Heat pipe demo and removal in crawlspace
• Reinstallation of unit ventilators is ongoing (RM. 134,136)
• Demo/removal of existing conduit, wiring, data cable, fire alarm cable...etc (RM.
Area “D”
• ACT removal (Cord. D1)


Sequence Overview Map for Renovations


December 2017

  • Demoltion of space where new libary will be located: slab removed, walls and roof removed.

  • Conduit run to renovated spaces

  • Slabs trenched for new mechanicals

  • Science rooms, art rooms, tear out

  • Ceiling tiles removed in corridors 

  • Underground wiring for parking lot lighting

  • HVAC Duct installaton in art, science rooms 

  • December 19 Progress Summary

 January 2018

  • Wall framing in science and digital media lab

  • New piping for heating/cooling for art room and library media center(LMC)

  • Foundation for LMC prepped

  • Sheetrock begins to go up in HS science rooms.

February 2018

  • Floors completed in the Library Media Center. Roof completed.

  • Wiring is ongoing

  • Flooring beigns to be laid in the science and art rooms

  • HVAC piping continues

 March 2018

  • Flooring is complete in the four science rooms and new art room and graphic arts room

  • Wiring for phones, cameras, securtiy and network continues to progress.

  • Work has continued on the four science rooms with casework progressing in the HS science rooms.

  • The HS art room casework has begun to be installed as well as the counters for the graphic design room.  

  • Brick work begins on library addition.

  • Rooftop HVAC units placed.

  • Parking lot lighting installed

  • Furniture for library ordrered.

April 2018

  • Brick work on addition continues

  • Parking lot lights powered and working.

  • Fire Alarm system begins to be transfered to new system.

  • Casework in science and art rooms continues

  • Library interior walls studded, sheetrock and taping completed. 

  • Wiring continues.