The Coxsackie-Athens Pathways to Success(CAPTS) will be defined by classrooms being places where the instruction is engaging, the culture is empowering and the technology is enabling. CAPTS will be a place where educators collaborate to put these attributes in place in each classroom. CAPTS will be a place where partnerships with higher education, business and other regional assets are integrated into the daily learning of students and adults.  CAPTS is a place that inspires all learners to achieve extraordinary success. 

 Below are links to brief videos providing overviews of components of CAPTS

 Overview of Coxsackie-Athens Pathways to Success (CAPTS)

CAPTS Year One Overview

CAPTS Power Lunches

CAPTS Early College Credit Benefits


Slides Showing Overview of CAPTS


Pathways to Success Overview 

Pathways To Success Roll Out Timeline  



Narratives about CAPTS:
How CAPTS will Engage, Empower, Enable Students to Extraordinary Success 

Digital Conversion 

A Guide to the Four "Cs" 



Early Supporting Documents:

Academies Concept BOE Report 

Innovation Report to BOE