Lessons from Zoe on being a Friend

We have entered the season that many people refer to as the "Season for Giving."  As I reflect on the concept of giving, I think about how fortunate we are here at Coxsackie-Athens to have three amazing therapy dogs that not only give us companionship but friendship. I was witness this month to an exchange of friendship between several students and our therapy dog Zoe and I would like to share it with you.

The week before this occurring, Zoe was in the counseling office when a chair fell over by accident.  It startled her and she bolted towards the door. I told her owner, Mrs. Feldle about it and she said that Zoe is sensitive to noises.  So this week in the counseling room, Zoe looked at the chairs and then huddled up against the wall near the door.  The students remembered what had happened the week before and figured out she might be feeling nervous.  Several students went to Zoe and talked to her sweetly, reassuring her that the chairs would not hurt her.  They coaxed her with hugs, kisses on the head and then a group of them gently led her back into the room where our group was waiting for her. She laid down on the floor with all her friends around her and fell asleep.

How wonderful friendship can be! 
 Take a lesson from Zoe:

Give friendship abundantly

  and receive it graciously

Submitted by Joy Smith, School Social Worker

By simply watching Zoe, all of us can learn how to be a good friend.