Dear Parents and Caregivers,

I am asking for your partnership in supporting the wellness of all our employees at Coxsackie-Athens Schools. 

I have recently reminded all school employees that there is no expectation for them to respond to work email or other forms of school related communication during non-school hours. This includes weekends and vacations. If there is an emergency or crisis, they will certainly respond in a timely manner; otherwise, they will respond during the next school day. 

I hope you understand the importance of why I am encouraging work-life balance for everyone at C-A. Not feeling obligated to respond to school related communications while at home is a small step in providing a healthy environment we all deserve. 

This is not intended to limit home-school connections. We value the open communication between families and teachers.  Please continue to share your questions, concerns and thanks to your child’s teachers when you have them. They will respond; it just may not be until the next school day. 

I wish everyone a safe and healthy Thanksgiving holiday. 

Take Care,

Randy Squier
Superintendent of Schools