Yoseli Segura is CAs 11th-grade Rotary Student of the Month!   Kathy Fuller attended the luncheon and was pleased to describe why Yoseli was our choice.
Yoseli was nominated by Lori Grassi who wrote,
"If you asked a staff or student/peer to describe Yoseli, I am confident that the descriptions would be consistent. Yoseli is a kind soul. She is the young lady that when someone drops their books, she would bend over to help them. Yoseli does not judge anyone, nor does she listen to anyone else’s opinion. She decides for herself how she feels about someone. Yoseli is always asking questions and wanting to learn more. Her work ethic is reliable, consistent and driven. She is continually trying to pick someone up when they’re down, and comes to school every day with a smile on her face that lights up every room.
The 11th Grade team congratulates Yoseli for demonstrating a kind heart, willingness to help others and dedication to her studies; exemplifying the qualities that make her the 11th grade Rotary Student of the Month.