Mr. Dial is honored to nominate Coxsackie-Athens High School sophomore Reese Taylor for Rotary student of the month for March. Reese is a quiet student and because of that she sometimes “flies under the radar,” but she is a determined and creative student. For her 10th-grade research project in English class this year, she wrote about the history of Sunny Acre Farms, which has been in her family since 1897, and her deep connection to the land. To complete her assignment, in addition to traditional library research, she conducted family history interviews. Her paper was so good it was republished in the C-A Circuit high school student newspaper. Reese is very interested in writing. In fact, for the past year, she has been working outside of school on writing a book of her own! Reese is also a dedicated member of the C-A high school band. Lastly, she is a kind and considerate person who embodies the C-A values of empathy, gratitude, hope, and taking action.   Congratulations, Reese - you make C-A shine!  

History of Sunny Acres Farm