Coxsackie-Athens has been designated a demonstration system serving as a national model to help guide and reposition districts efficiently by sharing successful practices and successes, as well as challenges. This recent video and interview of Superintendent of Schools Randy Squier showcases how Coxsackie-Athens Schools is  future driven.  

We believe we all learn in a variety of ways; therefore, students should be able to showcase readiness  in a variety of ways. We emphasize a series of  readiness indicators that allow our students to demonstrate they are ready for life, career and future learning. 

We are a  small school we offer big opportunities for our students including over 32 college courses resulting in every graduating senior having a college transcript as well as a  high school transcript when they graduate. We provide innovative programs  and settings for our at-risk students in our FLEX program and in our "Apartment 254."  Each year every K-12 student engages in at least one research based project where they must research, translate their learning into an appropriate media, present, and advocate.